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Iceroll is a new dining experience. Production of fresh ice cream right before your eyes with ingredients that you choose. Create so distinctive ice cream to taste.

Select a fundamental basis: cream, yogurt or sorbet. This is the heart of gelato. Here you can not skimp on materials, gelato is the best materials and the best taste.
If you like fruity ice cream, add fresh fruit. Into sorbet is delicious freshly squeezed juice from citrus.
If you like chocolate, simply add chocolate. Like vanilla? Add fresh vanilla from Madagascar etc.​

It's not only about the quality gelato, but also your playfulness. Eat, after all, with eyes.
Fold so distinctive ice cream to taste. In the summer, put fresh strawberry and fresh winter pear with cinnamon and honey.​

How do we do it?
New experience

Imagine ice-cream that has a window of 350 different ice creams. And each is the old maximum of 2 minutes. Impossible?

Solution to meet a very wide range of customers is produced in a special pan ice many variations.
At one point, you can make ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, frozen fruit wine and other variations. You can enjoy the very fresh fruit with ice cream foundation or add flavored natural paste, biscuits, cheesecake and improve their final taste.

Machines are delivered in a set with twenty or forty basic Varig and pastes, including training and regular supply of deliveries mixtures for ice cream.
Due to the variability and quantity of products offered, becomes ICEROLL yearlong affair.


The most accessible are machines that are used for installation in desktop or small restaurants, pastry shops.
Larger machines with extended cooling zone offering good dose of cream. Choice of equipment with a depth of 2 cm and 5 cm pans, cooling trays of fruit, cover the pan, sales plexipult and other accessories.


All machines are built for everyday use and operate stably even in tropical days.


MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC, ISO certification and CE 2 years warranty.


We guaranteeing you a complete and professional service, based on real sales, experience and development.

Sales of machines
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