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We provide complete solutions for production and sale of rolled / scratch ice cream. The only market we can secure the whole process from delivery of equipment, raw materials, service to training and after sales care.
We have unique knowledge and experience with production and sales, thanks to several years of development, we offer superior quality and unique composition of ice cream.

The new concept of selling ice cream in the form of rolls. The preparation takes place before your eyes on a special ice pan. The basis is usually ice cream or yogurt. Into the base add fresh fruit and other flavors of your choice (vanilla, coffee, pistachio, cracker, rum, peppermint). You have guarantee the freshest ice cream made in 2 minutes and you can see what it is composed. At one point, you can have ice cream mix, frozen yogurt, sorbet alcoholic or non-alcoholic ... 






We offer tailor-made gelato, original recipe, which guarantees a very high quality product. We do not sell ordinary ice cream, but the dining experience. Our gelato is dissolved in the mouth after 10 seconds, it is smooth, without lumps and frozen pieces.

We have tested hundreds of recipes and thousands of combinations. Ice cream-making of the highest quality can be a normal part of your offer.

Unique creation
Unique know-how
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